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Are You Considering An Abortion? What You Need To Know

Abortion is the termination and removal of a fetus or an embryo before it can live on its own. Abortions are normally done when one is not ready for the baby or the pregnancy was not planned for. Adult abortion has been legalized in the US and therefore it has reduced death rates among mothers and women who were at risk of procuring an abortion. This is because most women would go through backdoor means to have the pregnancy terminated. Most doctors in this field were less skilled and would use the wrong methods to terminate the pregnancy. This would lead to increased maternal deaths.

Abortion after the first trimester

Having an abortion after the first trimester, that is, after the first three months of the pregnancy is very risky. This is because the fetus is fully formed and has started getting differentiated body parts. An abortion at this time is a great health risk to both the mother and the fetus. This is because some bone fragments can be left in the uterus which can cause decay to the entire womb leading to its removal.

The second trimester abortion is not recommended since it is highly specific and it is normally done due to medical reasons such as maternal health conditions and fetal disorders. The second trimester is during the 15-23 weeks after the last menstrual periods. The procedure is referred to as a dilation and evacuation. It only takes about two days to get it over and done with and no hospitalization is required.

Why abortion is recommended in the first trimester

The first trimester is the period during your last menstrual period to the 15th week after conception. At this time the fetus is just developing and has no defined features, therefore it is easy to carry out the procedure with less likeliness of a complication occurring. Unlike the second trimester the first trimester you have a list of options on what medical procedure to use. There is the:

• Manual vacuum aspiration; this is done from 3 to 12 weeks along and is less interfering. It is one of the safest methods.
• Surgical procedure; also known as aspiration and it terminates a pregnancy that is up to sixteen weeks from the last period. It is done by suction curettage and dilation where the fetus is then sucked out by vacuum aspiration.
• Methotrexate and misoprostol; this procedure is done within seven weeks along the pregnancy and is done by using the misoprostol pills.
• Mifepristone and misoprosotol; this procedure is done by use of pills from seven to nine weeks in the pregnancy.

Facts about abortion

Getting an abortion is not just a decision you should make overnight. You have to consider your reasons for the abortion and decide if it is the worth the risk of giving up the baby growing inside you. Therefore before making this major decision that can impact your life consider your options and make the right decision. Also visit a specialist who is carrying out the procedures legally since you will be guaranteed of a safe procedure.

With the right advice you might want to consider parenting and the joys of motherhood. Parenting requires a lot of work but there is your bundle of joy to show for it. Both options have their pros and cons and it is up to you to decide what suits you best!

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